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Home of FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues
First and only chocolate FC in Minnesota

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Ralph and FC Nan-Dool's Terra Express
(FC-AFC Air Express x
Penrod's Niger)
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Ralph and FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues
(FC-AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky x
FC-AFC Echo's Triple Ruff N Reddy)

Nan-Dool Kennels is located near Forest Lake, MN and has long been associated with field trial quality chocolates. In 1983 the kennel moved to new property adjacent to the 24,000 acre Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area. The area abounds with wildlife; deer, geese, and ducks are often observed during the training sessions. The kennel grounds originally consisted of wooded areas and low wet ground. A multi-year transformation has made the area into excellent field trial training grounds. In fact the ponds turned out so well that the grounds were used as a pre-National training site for the '85 and '93 National Amateurs Championships.



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The owners of FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues apologize to any of the buyers of Larry Knott’s (Clearfield, Pa), puppies that couldn’t be registered by the AKC. Mr. Knott failed to pay the agreed upon stud fee necessary for us to sign the AKC litter registration.

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